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We founded NowSecure focused solely on mobile security. Our company mission is to secure mobile devices and apps and protect the people that use them. Our mobile app testing, device monitoring, forensics and security intelligence capabilities provide us with a unique set of mobile security data.

We published this report to share some of that data and the resulting insights with the public. We also aim to help enterprises manage and secure the mobile devices and apps that connect with their corporate assets each day. IT and security teams should take the following key points away from the 2016 NowSecure Mobile Security Report:

  • Mobile security requires a different approach not focused on malware. Leaky apps that store or transmit sensitive personal and corporate data in an insecure manner are of far greater concern at this point in time.

  • Even legitimate apps without intentionally malicious functionality that are downloaded from official app marketplaces can include high risk security issues.

  • Mobile security requires identifying and remediating security issues in device OSs and configurations, the apps installed on those devices, and the network connections those devices make each day.

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