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Secure Mobile Development

At NowSecure we spend a lot of time attacking mobile apps - hacking, breaking encryption, finding flaws, penetration testing, and looking for sensitive data stored insecurely. We do it for the right reasons - to help developers make their apps more secure. The best way to verify that your app follows secure mobile development best practices is to perform security assessments of the app, which can include automated mobile app security testing, fuzzing, manual penetration testing, and more. This document represents some of the knowledge we share with our clients and partners. We are driven to advance mobile app security worldwide.

Using this Guide

This guide gives specific recommendations to use during your development process. The descriptions of attacks and security recommendations in this report are not exhaustive or perfect, but you will get practical advice that you can use to make your apps more secure.

We revise our best practices periodically and invite contributions, and the updated guide is published here as changes are accepted into the main repository.

To learn about all the vectors that attackers might use on your app, read our Mobile Security Primer.

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